Current Exhibition

Picture Fiction Meme

4/6/2017 - 4/29/2017

Previous Exhibition

Farewell Europe

3/2/2017 - 4/1/2017

Picture Fiction Meme

A group of singular photos by local artist Brett Sperry. Bold colors and object explore beauty, metaphor, and visual culture.

Farewell Europe

“Farewell Europe" is a visual commentary about the changing identity of Europe and trends at work on spiritual and cultural levels. Although the iconography encompasses the classical and the modern, each image wrestles with the present condition of man in the postmodern world.

Phaos Perspectiv

This February 2nd @ 6pm during opening night, Bianca and Lucky will recontextualize the process of a “photo shoot” by bringing it into the gallery space. They will use this familiar setting to appropriate not just a single photograph but the entire photographic process. The resultant installation will remain in The Cube until Feb 25th.

New Forms

New Forms by Mary Sabo and Leidy Pino put a new twist on the ancient art form of ceramics in their first show at The Cube. This series of works by two emerging artists depicts dioramas and objects of fixation, ultimately as explorations on the meaning of existence.

Eric Burwell | Deconstruction

Burwell hopes that these works will outlive the author/artist. Burwell knows that there is a gap between deconstruction and the creation of art. But in trying to translate the philosophy into art is where Burwell finds the interest.

Jennifer Henry | FÊTED

The glamour of revelry and festooned enchantment is beginning to fade...but the party isn't over, yet. Noted for her effervescent aesthetics and lush visuals, artist Jennifer Henry transforms her inspired garments into immersive experiences at the gallery. Bringing to life the full scale of her fantasy environment crafted entirely from party supplies.